Something You Are

He's paid to kill. Not paid to think.

Nic Caruana never wanted to be a killer. But life took a few wrong turns, and now he works as a hitman for a violent arms dealer. His boss's teenage daughter has been kidnapped, and it's Nic's job to find her – using any weapon he needs to get to the truth.

Nic's hunt for the girl will take him to the darkest corners of London's criminal underworld. And it will draw him close to the girl's mother, Clare: a beautiful but dangerous woman who is prepared to do anything to get her child back.

Taut, spare, and brilliantly plotted, this gripping thriller asks of its characters: is evil something you do? Or something you are?


'Jameson's taut and spare narrative complements a gripping plot with unmistakable undertones of the legends of this genre, Chandler, Ellroy, Rankin' Red.

'Jameson writes like an angel on speed. Ellroy and sometimes Rankin walk you to the dark side brilliantly. Something You Are is no less gripping, shocking and relentless' Q Magazine.

'Jameson writes in turbo-charged shorthand, her fierce, sparse prose sparking off the page. She's able to evoke a whole scene with a single detail, and she's got a gift for getting under the skin of her characters' The Book Bag.

'Caustic and energetic ... Echoes of James Ellroy ... Those Crazy Freeways is a literary road movie smelling of hot American tarmac and cheap motels' Guardian.