The Grief Doctor

If you had the option to not feel grief at the death of someone you loved – to remember them but not feel pain at their loss – would you take it?

'A place free of judgement… for a life free of pain'

The Elizabeth Codelle Therapeutic Institute is the world's most exclusive clinic: eye-wateringly expensive and located on a small island off the Welsh coast, it is run by controversial genius Dr Codelle. She takes only one patient at a time, she keeps them away from the outside world while they're in her care – and she gets results. Because Dr Codelle doesn't just promise an easing of the symptoms of addiction, she promises a total cure. And widower Arthur, whose grief at the loss of his wife has brought him to the point of destruction, can't be allowed to leave the island.

Not until he submits to Codelle's treatment, and is all better...