This Nowhere Place

This Nowhere Place

They call them the Dover Girls . . .

Ten years ago, Mo arrived at the white cliffs as if from nowhere, befriended by teenagers Cali and Jude. They thought they'd save each other, yet within months their friendship would see two of them dead and the third scarred for life.

Now documentary maker Tarek and his film crew are in town, asking difficult questions, dredging up old resentments, looking for secrets in the silence around what happened that summer.

Because in the shadow of the white cliffs it's easy for stories, histories and people to get lost... And as Tarek will discover in small town's the truth is something that must be carefully unburied - in case it buries you . . .

This Nowhere Place is a tense and atmospheric mystery about the aftermath of a fateful and fatal friendship.

A tense, atmospheric and powerful drama for fans of Emma Cline and Jane Harper.