In Production

6 x 45m rom-com for Paramount+

Based on the novel by Beth O’Leary, author of THE FLATSHARE

When Addie sets off from Bristol on an epic road trip to a wedding at a Spanish Villa with her sister Deb, she’s barely made it out of the city when her VW campervan is rear-ended by another car containing her ex, Dylan, and his best friend Marcus. The pair haven’t spoken since the breakup but – headed to the same wedding and with Dylan’s ride totalled – Addie agrees to put their differences aside and travel together. Which means that Addie and Dylan, forced into a campervan together, will be heading back to the very same Spanish villa where they fell in love…Twelve hundred miles is a long time to be stuck in a car with so much buried history, though, and the mystery of Addie and Dylan’s breakup looms large. What did really happen? Why have they had no contact? Who – if anyone – was to blame?

Directed by
China Moo-Young

Stella Corradi

  • Emma Appleton
  • Laurie Davidson
  • David Jonsson
  • Isabella Laughland
  • Angus Imrie
Produced by
  • Nikki Wilson
Co Produced by
  • Kingsley Hoskins
Written by

    Ryan O'Sullivan & Matilda Wnek
    Phoebe Eclair-Powell
    Waleed Akhtar