Who We Are

Eugenie Furniss

Eugenie Furniss was at WME for fifteen years, running their London book division for her final three years there. In 2012 she left to set up a literary division, Furniss Lawton, for the James Grant Group, which she ran for seven years, before joining 42 in March 2019. She has been shortlisted twice for Literary Agent of the Year at The British Book Awards.

What I'm looking for:

I love truly transporting fiction and narrative voices that seduce me from the first page. Like most contemporary readers, I like taut, compelling prose. If I find my mind wandering when reading a novel, it’s not for me. On the fiction front I’m drawn to crime in all its guises and historical fiction has always been my great love. Beyond that, anything seriously funny or uplifting appeals too, though I tend to like stories with a bit of an edge. High on my wish list of things to sign are a crime series told from an unusual perspective, and the next Rose Tremain!

On the non-fiction front I’m an avid reader of biography and popular history, and a politics junkie. A political, financial or social scandal is dream reading for me; the more complex and high stakes the scenario the better. I particularly love biography and memoir that introduces us to unfamiliar worlds be they historical or contemporary. I admire honesty and independent thought; and am always on the look out for writers whose ideas challenge prevailing wisdoms.

Please email all submissions for Eugenie at eugeniefurniss@42mp.com

Twitter: @Furniss

Eugenie Furniss

Marilia Savvides

Marilia Savvides is an Agent in the Books Division. She is a graduate of UCL and the Columbia Publishing Course in New York. She spent seven years working at Peters Fraser + Dunlop and joined 42 in early 2020.

Marilia is also a returning member of the faculty at the Columbia Publishing Course at Oxford University. She was a Bookseller Rising Star in 2018.

What I'm looking for:

I am most drawn to dark tales that weave together excellent characters and an impossible-to-put-down story.

I am very hands-on editorially, and love working with my authors to shape their manuscripts. I love discovering debut authors and helping them find a home for their books.

I’m on the hunt for high-concept thrillers, crime, psychological suspense, horror and speculative, genre-bending fiction. No Fantasy please! I’m also on the lookout for reading group fiction in the vein of Jodi Picoult or Liane Moriarty.

On my wish list, at the moment, is finding a great legal / courtroom thriller and a grounded horror novel in the vein of Hex or Sarah Lotz.

On the non-fiction side I am especially interested in pop science / psychology, narrative history, true crime and investigative journalism. I am also on the lookout for more stories by women, especially in memoir form.

Please email all submissions for Marilia at mariliasavvides@42mp.com

Twitter: @MariliaSavvides

Marilia Savvides

Emily MacDonald

Emily MacDonald joined 42 in 2019, working with Eugenie Furniss across her clients. She is now an agent in the Books Department, and is building her own list.

What I'm looking for:

I’m actively looking for narrative non-fiction which immerses the reader into an untold true story (personal or historical), exploring a new point of view, and providing a compelling social commentary, with an investigative twist! I want to have my horizons expanded when I read. I’d also love to find a story which blends nature writing and memoir, in the same obsessive vein as Kirk W. Johnson.

I'm predominantly drawn to upmarket & literary fiction, but bring me a story with characters that never leave you and a narrative that pulls you in, keeping you in the world well after you’ve finished reading. In both fiction and non-fiction, I love stories woven into their natural landscape, where the setting is as central a character as those who drive the narrative.

In both spheres, I’m keen to hear from Scottish and regional voices with stories to tell.

Please email all submissions for Emily at emilymacdonald@42mp.com

Twitter: @Ebh_mac

Emily MacDonald